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Create cash flow on command with our tailored, conversion-driven email strategy that pulls in sales on autopilot.

Access your 20-40% of extra revenue that’s been hiding in plain sight, so you never leave profits on the table again.

Boost your bottom line, build a troop of loyal followers, and amp up the Customer Lifetime Value of your brand with our proven Revenue-On-Repeat system.

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Conversion Chemistry

5 Forgotten Email Campaign Ideas That’ll Explode Your Revenue In Quick Bursts

Case Studies

01. Fashion Brand Gains 25% in Email Revenue Over 3 Months and Continues to Grow

This incredible DTC fashion brand came to us at the tail end of July looking to utilize email more. With fashion being so competitive, we welcomed the challenge. We switched on our Revenue-On-Repeat (ROR) Flow System, and by September they added an extra 25% to their total revenue which they weren’t previously seeing.

We achieved an 18x ROI in the first 15 days, and they continue to generate a steady 23-25% in additional revenue every single month, entirely on autopilot from our ROR flows alone.

02. We Generated an Automated 19% Increase in Revenue For This Home Goods Brand

This client came to us without ever having fully explored the power of email. As always, we turned on our Revenue-On-Repeat Flow System, which brought them a 19% increase in revenue from email alone.

In September alone they were able to generate over $9,000 in additional income, without paying more than they already were for ads or other traffic strategies – a testament to the untapped power of email.

03. British Jewellery brand taps into their hidden profit potential and generates 39% of total revenue from email alone

This prominent UK  jewelry brand came to us in July with seriously underperforming email campaigns. In classic fashion, we switched on our ROR flow and took them from 11% to 35% of total revenue from email within a month.

2 months on and their email sales keep rising, providing 39% of total revenue from the automated flows alone. Our signature Revenue on Repeat automations unlocked their hidden profits and added an additional 28% to their revenue – entirely hands-free.

They now have more revenue and bandwidth to scale their brand even further.

04. This DTC Winter Wear brand unlocked a hidden 40% revenue with email, entirely on autopilot

This slick Winter Wear brand had no email presence before working with us. From July to September, we helped them access an additional 40% of total revenue entirely on autopilot, with our Revenue On Repeat flows only.

Our ethical email campaigns have almost doubled their business growth, and allowed them to reclaim the profits they were missing out on for so long.

Word on The Digital Streets

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Sam Goes Above And Beyond

“Sam is certainly an A player. So if you guys are considering working with Sam, hiring Sam for your copywriting needs, without hesitation I would certainly recommend that you do so.”

Tatiana James

Over 30% Revenue Gained

“You definitely need to talk with Sam because he can increase your revenue earned from your emails from wherever it’s at, whether it’s nothing or really low percentage to over 30% revenue gained from the emails that he sets up in the initial campaigns. They’re absolutely amazing. They’re bare bones but they actually convert like crazy.”

Ross Fledderjohn

We Increased Our Revenue To 39%

“He managed to increase our revenue from 24% coming from email marketing all the way up to 39%. And that happened in the span of a couple of weeks. If you’re looking for someone to work on your email marketing, to enhance the content, enhance your open rates and click through rates, I highly recommend Sam’s team. More than that they have been extremely honest and very generous and giving with the way they do work.”

Leen Abdelnour

About Sam Saifi

Hi, Sam here – Founder of Revenue Labz.

You don’t know me super well. But you’re about to… because you never forget a friend that has your best interests at heart.

I’m the guy in your corner who’s always rooting for you, doing everything in his power to unlock your brand’s hidden potential – especially when it comes to sales and profits.

I live in the beating heart of London City, and when I’m not strolling along the river Thames, breathing in the fresh scent of abandoned, rusty bicycles on the river bed, I’m helping eCom businesses grow one email flow at a time.

I have written direct-response copy for some of the largest marketing and eCommerce influencers around the world. And because of it, I have a rare understanding of what truly drives people to buy.

And it might just flip everything you believe about sales on its head. Because what may seem counterintuitive can actually result in huge profits for your brand.

I inject these little-known industry insights into your business with one aim…

To help you to tap into previously locked revenue and profits.

You’re probably curious if I’m worth the energy spent reading this.

And to be completely blunt, for many readers… The answer is no.


I only help brands with authentic growth in heart and mind.

This means if you don’t believe in the power of email and ethical persuasion, we’re simply not going to be a good fit. Which is fine. Water and oil were never meant to mix.

But, if you know deep inside that your eCommerce brand is sitting on an unrealized treasure trove of profits that can be accessed through potent, powerful, authentic email…

Then enough about me… We’ve got work to do!

Ready to tap into your brand’s hidden profits and unlock an extra 20-40% in hidden revenue… entirely on autopilot?

Hopefully by now, your eyes are open to the hidden potential of your eCommerce brand.

If you want to access more revenue, open up a whole new avenue for sales, or bolster your existing emails to be more profitable – book a discovery below.

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5 Forgotten Email Campaign Ideas That’ll Explode Your Revenue In Quick Bursts